How to Qualify

I like to do business with people who have some sort of a back ground in real estate. That would include Realtors, loan brokers, appraisers, landlords , folks with a construction background or other small business people.  But I do not limit my self to those people only.  Everyone was “new” at on time or another.

I specifically will NOT do business with recent graduates from “no money down” real estate seminars. (sorry, I know you folks mean well, but if it sounds to good to be true……)

While I don’t have a FICO score cut off number I do want to know who you are and for that reason I would want you to show me your credit report. Problems will be listened to with sympathy if they make sense. I will also ask first timers to complete my credit application.

You should also know that my best customers are not necessarily people with the best credit rating. Seasoned and successful fix and flip people tend to be folks who have had their ups and downs in the world of business but who have found a “home” in our little corner of the universe.

If you have decided to do business with me, please call me at 541-806-4663. If you need a “lender letter” I will be happy to give you one after you have given me your credit report and I have approved you as a new customer.

The lender letter will state that you have been unconditionally approved to buy any house in your chosen area and price range subject only to a final inspection of the property.

This will give you flexibility and is usually accepted by most lenders.